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would like an option to only send "new" PRIVMSGs via push

Reported by: yeled Owned by: zach
Component: Colloquy (Bouncer) Version: 1.1 (iOS)
Severity: Normal Keywords: bouncer push


if i run a bouncer then *all* privmsgs to my nick are pushed. my phone beeps all the time.

because the bouncer is remote, i have set Colloquy to always send (as im always idle on the bouncer machine)

it would be great to only send the first "new" message to the iphone - based on a timer i expect, since last message.

this would also cut down on hosting traffic for the push service.

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comment:1 Changed 10 years ago by kiji.roshi

Can you give some more info on specifics of the settings and behaviors you want?

comment:2 Changed 10 years ago by Mr_Ust

I'm interested in this myself. I set up ZNC yesterday with the Colloquy plugin. The problem is that when I start the Colloquy app on my iPhone, I get a complete playback of the buffer for each channel (default size is 50 messages I think). The app is keeping history from the previous connection so there's no reason to replay everything, only new messages.

I start the Colloquy app.
It downloads the entire message history for the one channel I set it up for (200 messages and 9 highlights).
I quit the Colloquy app.
Someone in the channel says something, or I use another device on the same bouncer to say something.
I restart the Colloquy app on the original device.
The entire message history is re-downloaded instead of just the one new message.

So I'm basically waiting for a minute until I get the "*: Playback Complete" message. I think what we want is to only send messages for the device since the last disconnection of that device, and re-use the history in the app where possible.

As a bonus, maybe queue up the messages sent during nighthours (though this may only apply to push).

comment:3 Changed 10 years ago by Mr_Ust

After reading the znc source code, I see that the playback is all done on that side. Not sure how easy it would be to send partial buffers back on a per-client basis, but definitely nothing to do with Colloquy. Wonderful app :)

comment:4 Changed 7 years ago by zach

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