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Colloquy incorrectly reports you're connected to a bouncer when directly connected

Reported by: hopkapi Owned by: kiji.roshi
Component: Colloquy (iOS) Version: Local Build
Severity: Normal Keywords: bouncer


When automatically reconnecting directly to a bounced connection which was previously down, but which is now back up, Colloquy reports your connections are being bounced, showing the purple, rather than blue icons, and offering the user the option to "Fully Disconnect" as well as "Disconnect", with the former doing absolutely nothing.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Set up the Colloquy bouncer on desktop and mobile, and ensure at least one connection is being bounced successfully
  1. Disable the desktop bouncer
  1. Open Mobile Colloquy
  1. When prompted, choose to connect directly to connections that were being bounced
  1. Once connected directly, quit Mobile Colloquy
  1. Re-enable the desktop bouncer
  1. Reopen Mobile Colloquy
  1. Tap on a connection

Expected results:

Mobile Colloquy either uses the blue globe icon to indicate that those connections are still direct ones, and that when tapped, the options presented are "Disconnect" and "Cancel", or that it detects the bouncer is back up and automatically switches back over to connecting via it.

Actual results:

Mobile Colloquy uses the purple globe icon for what are actually direct connections, and offers "Fully Disconnect" as one of the options in its sheet, despite it not doing anything.

User case type thing:

Kate's computer, running the bouncer, falls asleep. When she opens Mobile Colloquy and it's unable to connect to it, it suggests directly connecting and Kate goes along with it. Kate gets back to her computer and realises why she couldn't connect to the bouncer, setting her computer to not sleep automatically.

She then opens Mobile Colloquy, which, as it was last directly connected, does so again. However, unlike before, now the bouncer is back up, so globe icons are purple, and as far as Kate can tell, she's connected to the bouncer, even though she isn't. If/when she does finally figure this out and she tries to disconnect, tapping Fully Disconnect won't even work, which is particularly full of fail.

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Fixed in [4599].

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