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Query windows cannot send commands to znc

Reported by: narge Owned by: timothy
Component: Colloquy (Mac) Version: 2.2 (Mac)
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The znc bouncer is controlled by sending messages to pseudo-users with nicks starting with *. For example, connections and the general state of the bouncer is controlled by privmsg to *status, and the auto-away plugin is controlled by sending messages to *away. However, znc passes watch commands directly to the real server, so colloquy will be told that these users are offline:

WATCH +*status
605: *status * * 0 is offline

As of colloquy 2.2, this makes it impossible to simply type a command in the *status query window; colloquy will display an error dialog. Instead, one must type /msg *status command.

This is arguably a bug in znc, but Colloquy's preemptive denial of messages typed in query windows is still annoying. Why are they not handled the same way as /msg commands? (ie, sent to the server, and then the error dialog shown if the server responds with a 401)

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Thanks for the ticket. This is related to #1346.

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Related: #1414

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*status isn't actually a user, so its not online. will fake the online status for *status. Colloquy can't really fix this, since *status can actually be *anything, defined by the user in ZNC's config.

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Could at least this user-online-check "feature" be made configurable? Or at least it could still allow you to send a message, just it would warn you that user is probably offline and will not get a message. Like Adium does. It does not need to be configurable on per-nick basis. I would completely turn off this feature for me.

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Closing this as a dupe of #1346.

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