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Mode commands are not being sent at the right time when using Automatic Commands

Reported by: Kevin Owned by: timothy
Component: Chat Core (IRC) Version: 2.2 (Mac)
Severity: Major Keywords: Undernet Automatic Commands


When on the Undernet and Efnet (Only two Networks I've tested it at) it seems whenever you put a /mode command in your Automatic Startup commands it enters them BEFORE you even connect to the server. While say the command you use to log into X does so at the right time.

For example when logging into the Undernet I have these commands in my Automatic Command preference for the Undernet. Of course the "<username> <password> and <nick>" text is replaced by the real username and password I use I removed it for security reasons.

/msg x@… login <username> <password>

/mode <nick> +xiw

The problem is, Colloquy for some reason enters in the +xiw command BEFORE the connection to the server is even made. Yet the msg to x is made at the right time.

The x mode NEEDS to be made after the login msg. That is why I put it after. Why it's being entered in before the connection is being made is beyond me.

I downloaded a new version to make sure my program wasn't corrupt, and tested it out on 3 different computers. It is reproducible.

Here is a log showing what is happening.

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Fixed in [4178].

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