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/kickban command bans the nick, not the user/host

Reported by: Phoenix1701 Owned by: timothy
Component: Colloquy (Mac) Version: 2.1 (Mac)
Severity: Minor Keywords: kick ban mask
Cc: eridius


Given the following user:

If you issue the command

/kickban Lamer120

The following server commands will be issued:

MODE #channel +b Lamer120!*@*
KICK #channel Lamer120

This is not a particularly effective banmask, as the user can simply change their nick (to, say, Lamer121, or Lamer120_) and rejoin the channel; some more ambitious idiots even have scripts that do this automatically. A much more effective mechanism is to ban the username and a subset of the hostname (a subset rather than the whole thing due to dynamic IP addresses that may change parts of the hostname periodically):

MODE #channel +b *!lamer@*
KICK #channel Lamer120

The algorithm for masking is, obviously, to mask out the entire nickname and all but the last two fields of the hostname -- this may on occasion be overbroad, but will almost never be too narrow.

Note also that this banmask is what was called for in the original bug ( that called for the addition of the /kickban command.

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Fixed in [4235]

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How do you reverse a band? I tried to paste a link that pulled in a lot of gibberish and I got banned. Completely unintentional.

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