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server re-connect doesn't always work

Reported by: beej Owned by: akempgen
Component: Chat Core (IRC) Version: 2.1 (Mac)
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[5:51pm] beej_: is colloquy supposed to reconnect to servers after a disconnect auto-magically?
[5:56pm] akempgen: yes
[5:59pm] beej_: akempgen: well it often seems [not] to for me. is there anything in the way of debugging info to see what's going wrong? i often look at coll after a couple hours of ignoring it and my only clue is that some of my channels are greyed out. going to the server list and reconnecting to the disconnected server brings them back.
[6:23pm] akempgen: beej_: mm
[6:23pm] akempgen: not sure what you could do
[6:24pm] beej_: akempgen: i guess i can always file a bug and hope that somebody some day has the time to dig deeper?
[6:26pm] akempgen: beej_: but yeah. file a bug if there isnt one

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comment:1 Changed 12 years ago by encro

Colloquy would likely have a try and fail mechanism in place being that it would try to reconnect a few times and then stop trying if the server is unreacheable. That said I don't know what Colloquy's interval is or how many times it attempts or how long until it gives up (if it does).

As a test if your noticing it occuring with a certain server often. Open the /console and when you notice the connection drop check the console to see if there is any indicator what happened.

I find mozilla's irc server usually is the one that often drops for me and the console log provides a server reboot as the reason.
Global NOTICE $ [justdave] [global notice] is getting restarted now, see you all in a minute or less.

Usually it doesn't reconnect for me when it looses the connection in this manner.

Seems like Colloquy should be maintaining an attempt to reconnect eventually but it gives up.

comment:2 Changed 11 years ago by akempgen

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