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Encoding and Japanese

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Thanks to akempgen I have partly solved this problem I think, but I would still like to make note of it. Is it possible to have a Irssi-like fallback recode? I think I've solved this by setting the server to UTF-8 and the chatroom to SJIS, but wouldn't it be good if you could configure a fallback recode for everything?

To specify the reason I want this is that I am in an IRC channel where people use UTF8 and SJIS. With most clients I've had trouble reading both at the same time. With the 'solution' I just explained I should be able to receive both now, but I'd be sending in SJIS, while I'd rather send in UTF8. This is where the recode thing would be nice. If you could set a primary encoding and an encoding it'll revert to if it doesn't understand the first one, it would solve my problems.

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