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#4653 Invalid Cursor position not displayed correctly xerula@…

I'm on 10.11.3, late 2014 iMac. If I try to change the cursor position, using the arrow keys, combo of an arrow key plus <option> or <command> key, or a mouse click, the cursor moves to the correct place, but invisibly. I.e. the cursor remains displayed at its old location, and is only redrawn when I begin to type new text.

This makes it really inconvenient to quickly & accurately navigate to a specific location within already typed text

#4650 Fixed Can't configure preview lines on iPhone Nicolas Le Gland <nicolas@…>

1.8.5 (6543) preview lines settings, working great on iPad 3, broken on iPhone 4S.

#4648 Fixed Extended unicode in topic causes Colloquy to consume memory, crash headius@…

Today I tried to join an IRC channel that had a bunch of extended unicode in the topic. Colloquy appeared to join, then hung consuming hundreds of MB per second until it used all memory in the system.

The interesting part of the topic is shown in this gist:

I am guessing it's the combiners but I have not confirmed that. Obviously Colloquy should not crash on any topic contents.

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