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#5211 Fixed Colloquy closes when tapping on the participants-icon mac_burley@…

On my new iPad Air 2 Cellular 128 GB with iOs 9.3.2 Colloquy 1.8.8 (6769) closes when i tap the icon in the upper right corner to view witch participants are in a channel.

At least when i am the first in that channel, someone joins and I tap the participants to give op.

Just checked, when I am not the first in the channel an one of the others gave me op-status, I can view the participants without colloquy crashing. Strange.

#4897 Duplicate User info and nicks Lezbefwb15@…


I use the colloquy app, i face several problems:

  1. When i click on user information, it shows me n/a in all the fields and that the user is offline
  2. When a user disconnects, the nick is not removed from the list. If they reconnect, their nick appears multiple times
  3. When a user changes their nick, it doesnt change on the user list and when i start typing their nick it shows me the old version and not the updated nick

Hope these problems can be fixed because they are troublesome and they make the use of the app hard when the app is very user friendly

Thank you

Best Regards


#4893 Fixed Crashes constantly on iOS/iPad anonymous

Colloquy crashes when opening user list on iOS 9.3.1.

Steps to reproduce:

  • Join any channel
  • Type a message
  • Tap upper right (user list)
  • Colloquy crashes (silently as usual on iOS)

I'm on build 1.8.8. 6769

Am I the only one experiencing this?

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