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#4644 Duplicate Switch away, death janet@…

IPad. When I switch away for a while to another app,mother come back to Colloquy, I can no longer post messages without getting an error, there is an orangey coloured blob next to the icon for the server. I can not successfully choose 'disconnect' either, nothing happens. So my only option is to force-quit the app.

#4643 Duplicate Phantom push notifications using ZNC Scott <scott.dupler@…>

I've noticed for a while now that whenever I connect to my ZNC from my desktop or any irc client, I get a notification noise + vibrate alert on my iPhone. I check my notifications and nothing is there. I spoke with NoOneButMe? in #colloquy-mobile about this and he said it's a known bug, but couldn't find the ticket about it so I am resubmitting it.

This happens every single time I connect up to ZNC. NoOneButMe? explained this is a bug in the Colloquy push server when it was rewritten. It's a thing the bouncer used to filter out but no longer does.

ZNC 1.6.2

Colloquy Push Module Push only if away - false push even if clients are attached - true skip message contents - false only if idle for - 5 minutes night hours - disabled ignore network services - true

Colloquy Mobile 1.8.5 (6543)

#4642 Invalid 2.4.3 (and possibly earlier versions) behavior on single and double quotes…

Somewhere in the not too distant past, I did an OS update and the behavior changed.

I am running OS X 10.11.1 currently, but it's been happening for a while.

When entering a " or ' character, it gets replaced by the left and right leaning (non-ascii) versions of those characters. It looks fine that way for people using colloquy on the other end, but for almost all other IRC clients, they get '?' characters, or other gibberish instead of seeing the ' and " chars. I want to turn off this 'feature', but have not found a way. I've changed the Encoding to Western (ASCII) in both the channel encoding pulldown menu, and the preferences->general->default encoding, and it still does it. The only visible change is now my own messages have "?" in place of the ' and "" chars when they echo back in the channel.

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