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#2534 Fixed !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! timothy la@…

the pushed message won't be desplayed while disconnected!

#3133 Fixed "##java" in favorites, won't open from menu timothy theosib@…

On Freenode, I use the "##java" channel a lot, so I added it to my favorites. I can type it into the Join Room pop-up, but it never opens if I select it from the favorites menu. I think most others will open from the Favorites menu.

#679 Fixed "/away" Issues timothy christina

Now that the away status has turned user's names gray, it doesn't seem to work without prodding.

Originally when I entered a channel, there was a couple users that were away. Only one of these users actually had a gray name. The other users who were away still had a black name. If I right-clicked each of the users in the member list and selected "Get Info", afterwards, the ones who weren't away still had black names, but the ones who were away, changed to gray (like they should've been originally).

Additionally, if I set my own status to away, I need to click on my name in the side menu to make it turn gray. Likewise, when I take my away status off, I need to click on my name again to put it back to black.

Lastly, is it possible to create it so that other users in the channel know of my away status? I've asked and people seem to be unaware, so there's little purpose for me.

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