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#1024 Fixed extended bans appends !*@* to everything NoOneButMe jane

when you type in /ban ~r:*something* or anything similar to it, it'll append !*@* to the end, e.g.
in console: MODE #justtesting +b ~r:*something*!*@*
in channel: [04:59am] You set a ban on ~r:*something*!*@*.

On the other hand, if you type in /mode #justtesting +b ~r:*something* into a window
in console: MODE #justtesting +b ~r:*something*
in channel: [05:00am] You set a ban on ~r:*something*!*@*.

+b ~r:*something* is most definitely not the same as +b ~r*something*!*@* (as it is not a ban on *something*!@* as colloquy is making it out to be, but rather a ban on anyone whose realname/GECOS matches *something*, as such !*@* does not belong there) - in the case of the former (using /ban), it would screw up the ban (which shows up as the latter hostmask in the banlist), and in the latter (using /mode) it is not representing the ban correctly (there IS no ban on the latter hostmask but it is displayed as though it is).

the type of ban is irrelevant to most of the above, which seems somewhat intentional, as colloquy seems to append !*@* to pretty much any ban.

#1086 Fixed long lines are truncated NoOneButMe jane

for sanmarcos, who was too impatient to do this..

long lines (>512chars re:rfc1459) are truncated, and instead should be split up into multiple lines (as necessary) so the whole message is sent without being truncated.

it would appear that colloquy sends the whole line regardless of length to the server, which then truncates it.

#1167 Fixed Colloquy should warn before sending large pastes NoOneButMe macdome

Colloquy should warn before sending large pastes

Try selecting 50 files in the finder/xcode and clicking "enter" or command-o. They would both warn you "are you sure you want to open 50 files/windows"? I'm pretty sure Apple's Radar does the same. Unfortunately Mac apps are rather inconsistent about this, but IMO apps should warn before doing uncommon, destructive actions.

Pasting > 10 lines into a chatroom is "uncommon and destructive". If you wanted to get really fancy, you could have a button which offered to make a pastebin post for you. But that might be a bit over the top.

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