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#846 Speech plugin 0.4 not working in version 2.1 (3321) Defect Colloquy (Mac) 2.1 (Mac) Normal
#1365 SILC disconnects after connecting to a server (2.2.1) Defect Chat Core (SILC) 2.2 (Mac) Blocker
#1366 SILC can not send privmsg to non-channels (ie, can't send to users) Defect Chat Core (SILC) 2.2 (Mac) Critical
#3273 iPhone 5 screen support on the way? Enhancement Colloquy (iOS) 1.3 (iOS) Minor
#3274 NSURL extensions using wrong datatype for Resource file reference Defect Colloquy (Mac) 2.4 (Mac) Normal
#3277 Colloquy crashes when trying to combine channels on one list Defect Colloquy (Mac) 2.4 (Mac) Major
#3278 Server password lost after update Defect Colloquy (iOS) Normal
#3281 User list icon not visible on iPad in Version 1.3.5 Defect Colloquy (iOS) 1.3 (iOS) Normal
#3283 sidebar does not update Defect Colloquy (iOS) 1.3 (iOS) Normal
#3293 Colloquy Mobile Link Bug Defect Colloquy (iOS) 1.3 (iOS) Normal
#3299 Colloquy (iOS) Crashing whenever closing multiple private chats Defect Colloquy (iOS) 1.3 (iOS) Normal
#3303 Screen Flickr and user list Defect Colloquy (iOS) 1.3 (iOS) Major
#3314 Multiple connections to the Colloquy bouncer get separate IRC server connections Defect Colloquy (Bouncer) Normal
#3317 BUG: No distinguishment between channel /notices and regular channel messages Defect Colloquy (iOS) 2.4 (Mac) Major
#3318 Channels sometimes don't scroll properly on iPhone Defect Colloquy (iOS) 1.3 (iOS) Minor
#3319 New messages occasionally appear out of order or do not appear unless /reload style Defect Colloquy (Mac) 2.4 (Mac) Major
#3322 Hide Connections / Channels tab bar when in channel Enhancement Colloquy (iOS) 1.3 (iOS) Normal
#3329 iOS: Customize scrollback length Enhancement Colloquy (iOS) 1.3 (iOS) Minor
#3330 1.3.5 theme. Enhancement Colloquy (iOS) 1.3 (iOS) Normal
#3336 Colloquy push notification website has outdated information Enhancement Web Site 1.3 (iOS) Normal
#3339 Update room state after being kicked Defect Colloquy (iOS) 1.3 (iOS) Normal
#3342 bug for ipad Defect Colloquy (iOS) Local Build Major
#3343 Silent autocomplete Defect Colloquy (iOS) 1.3 (iOS) Normal
#3360 Problem since iOS 6 Defect Colloquy (iOS) 1.3 (iOS) Major
#3361 Excess flood Defect Chat Core (IRC) Major
#3365 IOS Chat Client Defect Colloquy (iOS) 1.3 (iOS) Blocker
#3366 Can't close out chat rooms or private message Defect Colloquy (Mac) 2.4 (Mac) Normal
#3374 Missing button to list channel members in ipad version Defect Colloquy (iOS) 1.3 (iOS) Major
#3375 iPad Problem Task Colloquy (iOS) 1.3 (iOS) Major
#3378 Ignore huge bug. Defect Colloquy (Mac) 2.4 (Mac) Major
#3379 plugins Defect Web Site 2.4 (Mac) Minor
#3380 Clicking on a notification should bring up the chat window Defect Colloquy (Mac) 2.4 (Mac) Minor
#3383 Colloquy does not work properly on iPad Defect Colloquy (iOS) 1.3 (iOS) Major
#3386 User list menu doesn't appear Defect Chat Core (IRC) 2.4 (Mac) Normal
#3390 Enhancement: Permanent Ignore Enhancement Colloquy (Mac) 2.4 (Mac) Minor
#3394 No button for user list Defect Colloquy (Mac) 1.3 (iOS) Normal
#3395 Screen truncated on iPad Defect Colloquy (iOS) 1.3 (iOS) Major
#3396 Add New Connection dialog box crashes on iPad Defect Colloquy (iOS) 1.3 (iOS) Minor
#3397 Make the nick in event messages (join/part, etc) notices in channels clickable Enhancement Colloquy (iOS) 1.3 (iOS) Minor
#3399 Member list Defect Colloquy (Mac) 2.4 (Mac) Normal
#3400 User list off screen on iPad mini Defect Colloquy (iOS) 1.3 (iOS) Major
#3404 User list off screen in iPad Defect Colloquy (iOS) 1.3 (iOS) Major
#3406 My member chat list Defect Colloquy (iOS) 1.3 (iOS) Major
#3411 Can't Connect To Server Defect Colloquy (Mac) 2.4 (Mac) Major
#3424 App crashes when try to close all private chats Defect Colloquy (iOS) 1.3 (iOS) Normal
#3428 The No Landscape option in settings doesn't work on iPhone5 Defect Colloquy (iOS) 1.3 (iOS) Major
#3442 app crashes when trying to connect Defect Colloquy (iOS) 1.4 (iOS) Blocker
#3450 Apolo Stion crash Defect Colloquy (Mac) 2.4 (Mac) Major
#3453 Unable to connect to certain networks Defect Colloquy (iOS) 1.4 (iOS) Major
#3461 iPhone Version No Longer Connects Defect Colloquy (iOS) 1.3 (iOS) Major
#3465 iPhone Push broken on new Colloquy setup Defect Colloquy (iOS) 1.4 (iOS) Normal
#3474 Colloquy iPad app crashes when trying to set or change away message Defect Colloquy (iOS) 1.3 (iOS) Normal
#3478 Set Away Status... still crashes the app Defect Colloquy (iOS) 1.4 (iOS) Normal
#3479 Default Away/Quit messages cannot be cleared in 1.4.1 update Defect Colloquy (iOS) 1.4 (iOS) Normal
#3480 can't join chat room since last patch Defect Colloquy (iOS) 1.4 (iOS) Normal
#3484 Not connecting after filling out automatic command field. Defect Colloquy (Mac) 2.4 (Mac) Major
#3485 Why can't I join any rooms? Defect Colloquy (iOS) 1.4 (iOS) Major
#3487 Channel Taking a Long Time to Enter Defect Colloquy (iOS) 1.3 (iOS) Normal
#3490 commands need 120 seconds Defect Colloquy (iOS) 1.4 (iOS) Normal
#3491 Won't highight connected users Defect Colloquy (iOS) 1.4 (iOS) Major
#3508 Problem to joining chat room Defect Colloquy (Mac) 1.3 (iOS) Normal
#3509 Closing Link: (Quit: name) Defect Colloquy (Mac) 2.4 (Mac) Normal
#3519 Swiping between rooms causes the app to crash. Defect Colloquy (iOS) 1.4 (iOS) Major
#3522 Chat does not scroll in PM's Defect Colloquy (iOS) 1.3 (iOS) Normal
#3523 Notification Center alert should show sender's name Defect Colloquy (Mac) 2.4 (Mac) Normal
#3533 Port number fields add thousands separators Defect Colloquy (Mac) 2.4 (Mac) Normal
#3538 No Chat Window Defect Colloquy (Mac) 2.4 (Mac) Major
#3544 Messages during multitasking, are sometimes duplicated Defect Colloquy (iOS) 1.4 (iOS) Major
#3547 DCC CHAT stopped working in 2.4.1 Defect Chat Core (General) 2.4 (Mac) Normal
#3561 Config generation Enhancement Colloquy (Mac) 2.4 (Mac) Normal
#3578 URL for Freenode do not match between iOS and Mac versions Enhancement Colloquy (Mac) 2.4 (Mac) Minor
#3586 Crash on swipe between channels Defect Colloquy (iOS) 1.4 (iOS) Major
#3791 iOS client connects to bouncer, but status doesn't change from connecting to connected Defect Colloquy (Bouncer) 1.4 (iOS) Blocker
#3877 DCC SEND not initiated Defect Chat Core (IRC) 2.4 (Mac) Normal
#3888 Push very intermittant Defect Colloquy (Bouncer) 1.3 (iOS) Major
#3891 Private messages and highlighted words no longer pushing Defect Colloquy (Mac) 2.4 (Mac) Normal
#3921 Crashes randomly Defect Colloquy (Mac) 2.4 (Mac) Major
#3927 Topic changing Enhancement Colloquy (iOS) 1.4 (iOS) Normal
#3998 Mavericks: No OS X Notifications Defect Colloquy (Mac) 2.4 (Mac) Normal
#4013 [Mavericks] Crash when text entered is longer than text entry area Defect Colloquy (Mac) 2.4 (Mac) Major
#4037 Please, please, please keep the dark UI Enhancement Colloquy (iOS) 1.5 (iOS) Normal
#4038 Bookmarking not working Defect Colloquy (iOS) 1.5 (iOS) Normal
#4040 Input box displays incorrect vertical alignment Defect Colloquy (iOS) 1.5 (iOS) Normal
#4043 parse last colon in URI, not first Defect Colloquy (Mac) 2.4 (Mac) Normal
#4045 Autocapitalization not working. Autocorrection has to be off to be on. Defect Colloquy (iOS) 1.5 (iOS) Normal
#4051 Mobile colloquy using the old logo for notifications on ios7 Defect Colloquy (iOS) 1.5 (iOS) Minor
#4060 No Undernet server link and web addresses not rendered properly Defect Colloquy (iOS) 1.3 (iOS) Major
#4066 Undernet chanel Defect Colloquy (Mac) 1.5 (iOS) Normal
#4067 IiOS 7.0.4 Defect Colloquy (iOS) 1.5 (iOS) Normal
#4074 Undernet server not being saved Defect Colloquy (iOS) 1.5 (iOS) Normal
#4075 Adding a invite confirmation when inviting a user to a channel Enhancement Colloquy (iOS) 1.5 (iOS) Normal
#4079 High cpu usage Defect Colloquy (Mac) 2.4 (Mac) Blocker
#4089 Crashing When Joining Room Defect Colloquy (Mac) 2.4 (Mac) Normal
#4093 Default chat rooms aren't reflected in the connection creation view Defect Colloquy (iOS) 1.5 (iOS) Normal
#4101 1.5 issues. Defect Colloquy (iOS) 2.4 (Mac) Major
#4107 Typing more than 2 lines in Colloquy with Maverick's causes it to lock up Defect Colloquy (Mac) 2.4 (Mac) Major
#4120 [PATCH] Connection server isn't saved Defect Colloquy (iOS) Local Build Major
#4126 time ahead by 5 hours in window Defect Colloquy (Mac) 2.4 (Mac) Normal
#4130 keeps locking up Defect Colloquy (Mac) 2.4 (Mac) Major
#4131 Closes when joining a room Defect Colloquy (iOS) 2.4 (Mac) Normal
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