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#251 When someone offers to send you a file, check whether the offer is still valid, before letting the user select a place to save it assigned Enhancement Colloquy (Mac) 2.2 (Mac) Low
#281 Clicking accept doesn't place proper focus in the file transfer dialog assigned Defect Colloquy (Mac) 2.2 (Mac) Normal
#358 File send bug when someone sends a file at the same time the file open dialog is up assigned Defect Chat Core (IRC) 2.2 (Mac) Normal
#720 Get Info doesnt work when theres a bad ban in the list assigned Defect Colloquy (Mac) Local Build Low
#832 When Transferring Files, Download Bar Freezes assigned Defect Colloquy (Mac) 2.3 (Mac) High
#1205 Colloquy does not restore /away status after network interruptions new Enhancement Colloquy (Mac) Normal
#1502 Revamp Alerts Interface assigned Enhancement Colloquy (Mac) 2.2 (Mac) Normal
#1749 would like an option to only send "new" PRIVMSGs via push new Enhancement Colloquy (Bouncer) 1.1 (iOS) Normal
#1778 Copying the ban list from Channel Info window assigned Defect Colloquy (Mac) 2.3 (Mac) Low
#1836 bouncer: no option to use TLS/SSL new Enhancement Colloquy (Bouncer) Normal
#1935 Conecting to Bouncer Automatically Changes Nick new Defect Colloquy (Bouncer) Normal
#2033 File Tansfers Box: "Clear" button bug assigned Defect Colloquy (Mac) 2.3 (Mac) Normal
#2045 Mobile Transcripts assigned Enhancement Colloquy (iOS) 1.1 (iOS) Low
#2121 Extend banlist interface to other list modes? assigned Enhancement Colloquy (Mac) 2.3 (Mac) Low
#2208 if you try to download a file when your HD is full, colloquy will quit. assigned Defect Colloquy (Mac) 2.3 (Mac) Low
#2220 CTCP Time gives wrong results in GUI assigned Defect Colloquy (Mac) 2.2 (Mac) Normal
#2327 textfield should be the default input if a bluetooth keyboard is attached new Enhancement Colloquy (iOS) 1.3 (iOS) Normal
#2524 Keep track of +r rooms and attempt to rejoin again after identification new Enhancement Colloquy (Mac) 2.3 (Mac) Low
#2574 Misleading bouncer error message when password is wrong new Defect Colloquy (Bouncer) Normal
#3521 Add a Buddy List assigned Enhancement Colloquy (iOS) 1.4 (iOS)
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