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#1375 some way to add new styles new Enhancement Colloquy (iOS) Normal
#1377 notices should have a distinct appearance from privmsg's. new Enhancement Colloquy (iOS) Local Build Normal
#1419 add a console per network accepted Enhancement Colloquy (iOS) 1.0 (iOS) Highest
#1453 Fish Add-on (Blowcrypt) for Iphone App new Enhancement Colloquy (iOS) 1.0 (iOS) Normal
#1478 Suggestion for Notice Spam Options: Consolidated "Notices Room" accepted Enhancement Colloquy (iOS) 1.0 (iOS) Normal
#1484 Favourite Channel's list. new Enhancement Colloquy (iOS) 1.0 (iOS) High
#1870 Option to disable nickname authentication accepted Enhancement Colloquy (Bouncer) 1.1 (iOS) Normal
#1879 Colloquy mobile ignores "Disable Auto Lock" after changing song on iPhone accepted Defect Colloquy (iOS) Local Build Normal
#1901 Colloquies Screen de-clutter new Enhancement Colloquy (iOS) 1.1 (iOS) Normal
#1993 Show timestamp in history buffer new Enhancement Colloquy (iOS) 1.1 (iOS) Normal
#2039 iPad - Expose for multiple channels new Enhancement Colloquy (iOS) Low
#2113 Add abilty to use custom emoticon packs in Colloquy Mobile new Enhancement Colloquy (iOS) 1.1 (iOS) Low
#2212 Configure rejoin on per-channel basis new Enhancement Colloquy (iOS) 1.3 (iOS) Low
#2299 Select and copy doesn't work in typing mode new Defect Colloquy (iOS) 1.3 (iOS) Normal
#2411 Always sends text in UTF-8 new Defect Colloquy (iOS) 1.3 (iOS) Normal
#2585 Can't connect... new Defect Colloquy (iOS) 1.3 (iOS) Normal
#2626 Colloquy mobile (updated version) crashes new Defect Colloquy (iOS) 1.3 (iOS) Highest
#2852 Colloquy users autojoin new Defect Colloquy (iOS) High
#3177 Connection list blank when connecting to Colloquy bouncer new Defect Colloquy (iOS) 1.3 (iOS) High
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