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#351 Colloquy needs avatar suport assigned Enhancement Colloquy (Mac) 2.1 (Mac) Normal
#952 add a "important notes" category to the create style page new Task Web Site Normal
#985 show user status symbols accepted Enhancement Colloquy (Mac) 2.2 (Mac) Minor
#1182 server re-connect doesn't always work accepted Defect Chat Core (IRC) 2.1 (Mac) Normal
#1234 Receiving a /notice opens a 'private message' tab, but answers are sent as /msg, not as /notice accepted Defect Colloquy (Mac) Normal
#1549 Mobile Colloquy needs avatar support new Enhancement Colloquy (iOS) 1.0 (iOS) Trivial
#1728 Don't use the same Identify syntax on all networks new Defect Colloquy (Mac) 2.2 (Mac) Normal
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