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#1918 Reorganize Operator right click actions in nick list User Interface, UI, menu, right click, operator, kick, ban new timothy Enhancement Colloquy (Mac)
#4891 Users can show up multiple times if they get cut off and reconnect Userlist, names, nicknames, new Defect Colloquy (iOS)
#1128 Add channel user count to info window count users numbers new timothy Enhancement Colloquy (Mac)
#942 possible new and old window interface options sidebar chatroom userlist drawer window interface assigned timothy Enhancement Colloquy (Mac)
#772 Certain Prefixes represent different Modes on different Networks user list modes channel chat room euirc assigned timothy Defect Chat Core (IRC)
#985 show user status symbols user status symbols accepted akempgen Enhancement Colloquy (Mac)
#1606 Unavailable users stay in the buddy list user-list, users, buddy-list, buddies reopened timothy Defect Colloquy (Mac)
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