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#84 AS: A way to request idle time for the machine idle time new timothy Defect Normal
#656 include time stamps in the Bubbles style Bubble view, Time stamp new timothy Defect Normal
#848 timestamp formats and positioning timestamps,style assigned timothy Enhancement Low
#1022 timer command: execute arbitrary commands after a freely definable time period timer command reopened timothy Enhancement Low
#1466 Random disconnects from SILC; without visible indication; multiple times a day silc, connection, drop, lost, timeout new Defect Normal
#1993 Show timestamp in history buffer history buffer timestamp new kiji.roshi Enhancement Normal
#2010 Timestamp on German osx shown as am/pm in nightlies. timestamp am/pm german new timothy Defect Normal
#2073 Timestamps are inconsistently zero-padded timestamp new timothy Defect Normal
#2220 CTCP Time gives wrong results in GUI CTCP Time whois GUI assigned zach Defect Normal
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