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#349 Tab completion adds extra colon when one candidate's name is completed tab completion nicknames colon new timothy Defect Normal
#1019 Nicknames with wrong case nickchange case assigned timothy Defect High
#1797 "username <action>" instead of "you <action>" in chat joining, join, nickname, error new timothy Defect Normal
#2099 Nick Tab-Completion Should Prefer Most-Recent-Speaker over Alphabetical Ordering nick tab-completion new timothy Enhancement Low
#2313 Glitch in NickServ Identification nickserv new timothy Defect Normal
#4116 SASL authentication always results in NickServ Password dialog SASL, authentication, nickserv new Defect
#4143 Motion of iphone or ipad when trying to nickcomplete, cancels nickcomplete nickcomplete, motion, cancelled new Defect
#4155 Add functionality to let users easily know which account/nick they are using (in the sidebar) multinick, colors, nick colors new Enhancement
#4891 Users can show up multiple times if they get cut off and reconnect Userlist, names, nicknames, new Defect
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