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#221 should not autojoin channels after wake from sleep sleep autojoin interrupt state status reopened timothy Defect Normal
#728 rejoining a room you just left (cmd w) causes colloquy to join and instantly part the room again join part room reopened timothy Defect High
#1406 Add "hide join/part events" to room info gui Preferences Channel parts joins new timothy Enhancement Low
#1568 Join Chat Room - Directly add room to favorites favorite, add, room, join new timothy Enhancement Normal
#1569 Join Chat Room - Multijoin room, join, multi, filter new timothy Enhancement Normal
#1676 Join multiple chat rooms from Join window join, chat, multiple, multi new timothy Enhancement Normal
#1744 a way to disable "On-Join MSG" On-Join new timothy Enhancement Normal
#1797 "username <action>" instead of "you <action>" in chat joining, join, nickname, error new timothy Defect Normal
#1932 Auto Join can be enabled, but not disabled; UI can not clear the tick from the check box auto join new timothy Defect Normal
#2011 Colloquy does not auto connect to channels w. waitforsuccessfullident option autojoin channels ident new timothy Defect Normal
#2051 Colloquy autojoins a room before nick identification is complete identification join new timothy Defect Normal
#2176 auto-join not working auto-join new timothy Defect Normal
#2531 automatic resizing of join window inconsistencies join window resize new timothy Enhancement Normal
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