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#66 AS Odd results from 'transcript' class AS transcript new timothy Defect Normal
#75 Plain Text Log files text log transcript xml new timothy Enhancement Normal
#86 AS connections whose status is ... fails connected applescript new timothy Defect High
#109 Transcript browsing transcript browse new timothy Defect High
#147 AppleScript Extensions Suite feature request AppleScript plugin feature new timothy Enhancement High
#214 Transcript printing print transcript new timothy Defect Normal
#256 Bind connections to a specific local IP bind ip new timothy Enhancement Low
#320 Interface for enabling/disabling scripts & plugins Interface, Scripts, Plugins new timothy Enhancement Normal
#338 AS - A method to send a typed command from Applescript Interface, Scripts, Plugins new timothy Enhancement Normal
#498 Quit menu has [...] even when not connected. (Does Quit really need a ...?) quit menu item ellipsis new timothy Defect Low
#505 Transcripts on removable media/disk images don't cause an error condition or warning if the media/disk image isn't in place. transcript disk image new timothy Defect Normal
#599 AS: bug in finding the front panel vs the first panel applescript front panel bug new timothy Defect Normal
#760 WikipediaLink for other Wikipedia's Wikipedialink, language new timothy Enhancement Normal
#776 AS: apparent new class bug in CTCP processing (process subcode) Applescript CTCP process subcode request new timothy Defect Normal
#923 Make file transfers AppleScript-able file transfer, AppleScript, send file assigned timothy Enhancement Normal
#950 add a "buddy" class to `<span class="member>nick</span>` in the transcript transcript buddy member assigned timothy Defect Low
#957 Save topic in transcripts transcripts, topic new timothy Enhancement Normal
#1041 Using AS can't determine if CTCP request target is user or channel. applescript, ctcp, process subcode request new timothy Defect Normal
#1052 Add option to copy and paste transcripts as plain text chat transcript snippet copy paste format formatting style font color new timothy Enhancement Normal
#1115 Logs no longer split into folders log, transcript, folder, directory new timothy Defect Highest
#1123 Javascript Plugin error javascript plugin new Defect Low
#1156 AppleEvents - events without 'subj' attribute set error flag in current AppleEvent Applescript, patch new timothy Defect Normal
#1220 Applescript plugin "send raw command" function works only once, aborts plugin applescript plugin command error new timothy Defect Normal
#1293 transcripts tend to be saved in folders named ((null)) - name of IRC server is missing from parentheses transcript directory folder path new timothy Defect Normal
#1429 when connecting to an irc proxy (bouncer) with multiple network connects, colloquy gets confused bug proxy multiple networks new timothy Defect Normal
#1446 All transcripts show blank screens, yet contain the appropriate kb Transcript new timothy Defect Normal
#1676 Join multiple chat rooms from Join window join, chat, multiple, multi new timothy Enhancement Normal
#1858 multiple dcc chats lead to multiple windows "dcc chatting" with the same IP multiple dcc chat new timothy Defect Normal
#2045 Mobile Transcripts transcripts, sync, OTA assigned zach Enhancement Low
#2227 Highlight problem and scripts Highlight Scripts new timothy Task Normal
#2296 backup servers multiple servers new timothy Enhancement Normal
#2992 No transcripts for channels with "/" in name transcripts new timothy Defect Normal
#3384 Transcripts incorrectly organized in folders transcript new Defect
#4201 Can't drag channels between windows om 2.4.3 channel multiple windows new Defect
#4882 whitespace in "send message" command applescript applescript, send message, whitespace new Defect
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