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#15 AS: 'process outgoing chat message' is called by 'send' which can cause dead loops AS process outgoing chat message send new timothy Defect Normal
#114 AS Text formatting snafus in conjunction with process outgoing chat message text formatting process outgoing chat message new timothy Defect Normal
#673 process incoming chat message (!commands) not working anymore remote process incoming chat message assigned timothy Defect High
#770 Private messages are not displayed private chat message blank new timothy Defect Normal
#772 Certain Prefixes represent different Modes on different Networks user list modes channel chat room euirc assigned timothy Defect Normal
#942 possible new and old window interface options sidebar chatroom userlist drawer window interface assigned timothy Enhancement Normal
#1052 Add option to copy and paste transcripts as plain text chat transcript snippet copy paste format formatting style font color new timothy Enhancement Normal
#1234 Receiving a /notice opens a 'private message' tab, but answers are sent as /msg, not as /notice notice, msg, private message, privmsg, private chat accepted akempgen Defect Normal
#1676 Join multiple chat rooms from Join window join, chat, multiple, multi new timothy Enhancement Normal
#1858 multiple dcc chats lead to multiple windows "dcc chatting" with the same IP multiple dcc chat new timothy Defect Normal
#3173 Colloquy Version 2.4 (5436) - can't choose new image background for chat window background image appearance chat window new timothy Defect Normal
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