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#73 Open Channel sheet does not avoid screen edges sheet open channel connections gui usability reopened timothy Defect Normal
#772 Certain Prefixes represent different Modes on different Networks user list modes channel chat room euirc assigned timothy Defect Normal
#1043 Grouping panels by server grouping channels new timothy Enhancement Highest
#1044 selective channel logging logging channel per-room-pref new timothy Enhancement Low
#1195 Channel and Favourite Room Information should be moved to a seperate file in the Application Support folder. channel room favorites plist new timothy Defect Normal
#1311 make channels in whois clickable whois channel usability new timothy Enhancement Low
#1406 Add "hide join/part events" to room info gui Preferences Channel parts joins new timothy Enhancement Low
#1418 Colloquy crashes when closing last channel crash, last, channel reopened timothy Defect Normal
#1992 Colloquy cant handle chr(160) in channel names channel, specialchars new timothy Defect Normal
#2011 Colloquy does not auto connect to channels w. waitforsuccessfullident option autojoin channels ident new timothy Defect Normal
#2123 Show chanops info in the WHOIS window whois op channel new timothy Enhancement Low
#2260 Group servers and channels group servers channels znc new timothy Enhancement Normal
#2532 Add Option to Sort Channels by Name in Tabbed Window Mode channel channels sort sorting option new timothy Enhancement Normal
#4201 Can't drag channels between windows om 2.4.3 channel multiple windows new Defect
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