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#86 AS connections whose status is ... fails connected applescript new timothy Defect High
#147 AppleScript Extensions Suite feature request AppleScript plugin feature new timothy Enhancement High
#599 AS: bug in finding the front panel vs the first panel applescript front panel bug new timothy Defect Normal
#776 AS: apparent new class bug in CTCP processing (process subcode) Applescript CTCP process subcode request new timothy Defect Normal
#923 Make file transfers AppleScript-able file transfer, AppleScript, send file assigned timothy Enhancement Normal
#1041 Using AS can't determine if CTCP request target is user or channel. applescript, ctcp, process subcode request new timothy Defect Normal
#1156 AppleEvents - events without 'subj' attribute set error flag in current AppleEvent Applescript, patch new timothy Defect Normal
#1220 Applescript plugin "send raw command" function works only once, aborts plugin applescript plugin command error new timothy Defect Normal
#2345 Impossible to use a Font with custom Font Weight in your theme customize,theme,appearance,font,font-weight new timothy Enhancement Normal
#3173 Colloquy Version 2.4 (5436) - can't choose new image background for chat window background image appearance chat window new timothy Defect Normal
#4523 Cannot change background image in Standard style variant settings Appearance, Preferences, Options new Defect
#4882 whitespace in "send message" command applescript applescript, send message, whitespace new Defect
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