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Ticket Summary Owner Type Version Severity Resolution
#985 show user status symbols akempgen Enhancement 2.2 (Mac) Minor
#1234 Receiving a /notice opens a 'private message' tab, but answers are sent as /msg, not as /notice akempgen Defect Normal

Status: assigned (34 matches)

Ticket Summary Owner Type Version Severity Resolution
#1070 add server "Description" field as an alias to long/similar addresses and ips NoOneButMe Enhancement 2.1 (Mac) Normal
#351 Colloquy needs avatar suport akempgen Enhancement 2.1 (Mac) Normal
#156 Global prefs should be applied to all rooms if the user wants timothy Enhancement 2.1 (Mac) Normal
#196 Buddy icons don't associate with talk bubbles in Bubble chat interface timothy Defect 2.2 (Mac) Normal
#230 Add Paste Selection operation timothy Enhancement 2.1 (Mac) Normal
#383 Allow for a stack of input buffers timothy Enhancement 2.1 (Mac) Normal
#469 SSH connecttion -> SOCKS aware timothy Enhancement Local Build Normal
#556 AS: Text to or from HTML conversion routines & functions timothy Enhancement 2.2 (Mac) Normal
#557 AS: Send message theURL -- the URL does not appear as a hot link in the window timothy Defect 2.2 (Mac) Normal
#611 Console view can not be scrolled without dragging scrollbar. timothy Defect Local Build Normal
#673 process incoming chat message (!commands) not working anymore timothy Defect 2.2 (Mac) Critical
#825 Applescript "body of message" borked (breaks /itunes links) timothy Defect 2.1 (Mac) Normal
#847 Rename "Detach Panel" to "Detach Chat Room" timothy Enhancement 2.1 (Mac) Minor
#848 timestamp formats and positioning timothy Enhancement 2.1 (Mac) Trivial
#868 Add "Room Language is… en/de/nl/…" as a per room setting timothy Enhancement 2.1 (Mac) Normal
#915 Many AppleScript errors while doing simple scripting tasks timothy Defect 2.2 (Mac) Critical
#923 Make file transfers AppleScript-able timothy Enhancement 2.1 (Mac) Blocker
#934 add Perl scripting support timothy Enhancement Normal
#942 possible new and old window interface options timothy Enhancement 2.2 (Mac) Normal
#950 add a "buddy" class to `<span class="member>nick</span>` in the transcript timothy Defect 2.1 (Mac) Minor
#1019 Nicknames with wrong case timothy Defect Major
#1026 Support /whowas the same way as /whois timothy Defect 2.2 (Mac) Normal
#1372 dragging into text field creates 2px space timothy Defect 2.2 (Mac) Minor
#1385 Weird graphical bug with about:* links timothy Defect 2.2 (Mac) Normal
#251 When someone offers to send you a file, check whether the offer is still valid, before letting the user select a place to save it zach Enhancement 2.2 (Mac) Normal
#281 Clicking accept doesn't place proper focus in the file transfer dialog zach Defect 2.2 (Mac) Major
#720 Get Info doesnt work when theres a bad ban in the list zach Defect Local Build Normal
#832 When Transferring Files, Download Bar Freezes zach Defect 2.3 (Mac) Normal
#1502 Revamp Alerts Interface zach Enhancement 2.2 (Mac) Normal
#1778 Copying the ban list from Channel Info window zach Defect 2.3 (Mac) Minor
#2033 File Tansfers Box: "Clear" button bug zach Defect 2.3 (Mac) Normal
#2121 Extend banlist interface to other list modes? zach Enhancement 2.3 (Mac) Normal
#2208 if you try to download a file when your HD is full, colloquy will quit. zach Defect 2.3 (Mac) Minor
#2220 CTCP Time gives wrong results in GUI zach Defect 2.2 (Mac) Normal

Status: closed (64 matches)

Ticket Summary Owner Type Version Severity Resolution
#1024 extended bans appends !*@* to everything NoOneButMe Defect 2.1 (Mac) Normal Fixed
#1167 Colloquy should warn before sending large pastes NoOneButMe Defect 2.1 (Mac) Normal Fixed
#1534 "/ban nick_that_is_not_in_room" does nothing NoOneButMe Defect Local Build Normal Fixed
#56 Scrollback (and member limit) > 1000 doesn't work with international settings Rinoa Defect Local Build Major Fixed
#219 Nicks ending with '^' or '`' (without the quotes) aren't highlighted Rinoa Defect 2.1 (Mac) Normal Fixed
#490 Show the full message in Growl Rinoa Enhancement 2.3 (Mac) Normal Won't Fix
#533 Expanded topic bar won't display all of long topics Rinoa Defect 2.0 (Mac) Blocker Fixed
#578 'Connections' window context menu should offer 'New connection' Rinoa Enhancement Local Build Blocker Fixed
#792 Extra space in /join command makes me join # instead Rinoa Defect 2.2 (Mac) Minor Fixed
#804 Colloquy should have an "add to auto-join list" contexual menu Rinoa Defect 2.1 (Mac) Normal Fixed
#894 context menu for "grant voice" is disabled if target has op Rinoa Defect 2.1 (Mac) Trivial Fixed
#926 Topic Colour Missing Rinoa Defect 2.2 (Mac) Blocker Fixed
#980 buddy inspector's voice menu's first entry is "voice:", should be "none" Rinoa Defect 2.1 (Mac) Normal Fixed
#990 need to update copyright to 2007 Rinoa Defect 2.1 (Mac) Normal Fixed
#1033 colloquy always re-sets limit on get info Rinoa Defect 2.1 (Mac) Normal Fixed
#1034 changed limit fails to display if already set Rinoa Defect 2.1 (Mac) Normal Fixed
#1050 French Spell Check translation fix Rinoa Defect 2.1 (Mac) Minor Fixed
#1085 New Japanese localization Rinoa Enhancement 2.1 (Mac) Major Fixed
#1113 XMPP does not allow username with @ in it Rinoa Defect 2.1 (Mac) Major Fixed
#1118 Highlighting terms cannot have ! Rinoa Defect 2.1 (Mac) Normal Fixed
#1209 Updated Italian strings Rinoa Task 2.1 (Mac) Normal Fixed
#1241 The File-Transfer Windows Can't Be Resized! Rinoa Enhancement 2.1 (Mac) Major Fixed
#1262 New style blackboard Rinoa Defect Normal Fixed
#1285 Pretty print xslt for mediawiki wiki syntax Rinoa Enhancement Normal Fixed
#1295 Update Japanese localization for r3804 Rinoa Task 2.2 (Mac) Normal Fixed
#1304 patch: add message details to chatroom activity growl notifications Rinoa Enhancement Local Build Normal Fixed
#1307 Remove the drawer Rinoa Enhancement 2.1 (Mac) Normal Fixed
#1308 The Transcript Browser needs removed Rinoa Enhancement 2.1 (Mac) Major Fixed
#160 /itunes stats isnt working StarManta Defect 2.0 (Mac) Normal Works for Me
#215 No feedback when join channel fails for +R akempgen Defect 2.2 (Mac) Normal Fixed
#475 German/Dutch localization: Add Buddy dialog is broken [has fix!] akempgen Defect Local Build Blocker Fixed
#640 Colloquy seems to forget the nickserv password (was: Identify on akempgen Defect 2.2 (Mac) Trivial Fixed
#688 Autojoin on invite as a per room pref akempgen Enhancement 2.1 (Mac) Normal Fixed
#1381 auto join context menu item is case sensitive, shouldnt be akempgen Defect 2.2 (Mac) Minor Fixed
#1399 editing the connection inspector's nick password field does not send the pw to the service akempgen Defect 2.2 (Mac) Normal Fixed
#1405 Adding quit message to the quit dialog box akempgen Enhancement 2.2 (Mac) Normal Fixed
#1475 Server Passwords not hidden in console akempgen Defect 2.2 (Mac) Normal Fixed
#1479 Wont join Undernet channels that are on auto join.. akempgen Defect 2.2 (Mac) Major Works for Me
#1481 colloquy pm malfunction akempgen Defect 2.2 (Mac) Normal Duplicate
#1582 rejoing after sleep occurs regardless of identification akempgen Defect 2.2 (Mac) Normal Fixed
#1695 REGRESSION (r4408): MemoServ notices shown as private messages akempgen Defect 2.2 (Mac) Normal Fixed
#1721 New "Show Notices:" popup is too vague. akempgen Defect Local Build Normal Fixed
#1722 New "Show Notices:" popup doesn't respect user's previous preference akempgen Defect Local Build Normal Fixed
#1760 Channel topic not passed via bouncer akempgen Defect 2.3 (Mac) Normal Fixed
#223 Tooltips in the drawer broke in Tiger anonymous Defect 2.2 (Mac) Normal Fixed
#352 Announce date periodically, announce server status anonymous Enhancement 2.2 (Mac) Trivial Won't Fix
#360 Topic bar toggle switch hiding issue anonymous Defect 2.2 (Mac) Minor Fixed
#493 Sounds when in the foreground anonymous Enhancement 2.2 (Mac) Trivial Fixed
#616 Entry message info anonymous Enhancement 2.0 (Mac) Normal Won't Fix
#19 /kickban eridius Enhancement 2.0 (Mac) Normal Fixed
#40 New panel for stray NOTICEs eridius Enhancement 2.0 (Mac) Normal Fixed
#76 Room name links not URL-decoded eridius Defect 2.0 (Mac) Minor Fixed
#116 Display a float-over for the topic eridius Defect 2.0 (Mac) Normal Fixed
#1030 Messages from ignored people in smart transcripts jane Defect 2.1 (Mac) Trivial Works for Me
#1389 option to change tab nick complete append behavior jane Enhancement 2.2 (Mac) Trivial Fixed
#72 Option to show hostnames on join/part/quit rinoa Enhancement 2.2 (Mac) Normal Fixed
#200 Use selection for Find is always disabled rinoa Defect 2.1 (Mac) Normal Fixed
#634 Uncorrect italian translation rinoa Defect 2.0 (Mac) Major Invalid
#663 Italian localization is not complete rinoa Defect 2.2 (Mac) Normal Works for Me
#799 Members vs. Member rinoa Enhancement 2.0 (Mac) Trivial Fixed
#1 JVChatmessage has no view association timothy Defect 2.0 (Mac) Critical Fixed
#2 multiple growl notices on establishing a connection timothy Defect 2.0 (Mac) Minor Fixed
#4 Console & chat windows timothy Defect 2.2 (Mac) Normal Fixed
#5 add file:// URLs timothy Defect 2.2 (Mac) Trivial Won't Fix
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