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Ticket Summary Owner Type Version Severity Resolution
#1101 Cannot see any conversations in SILC channel Defect 2.1 (Mac) Major Duplicate
#1920 Certificate Request on Snow Leopard Defect 2.3 (Mac) Blocker Duplicate
#254 Chat is buffered and only sent when other channel activity is received patw Defect 2.2 (Mac) Major Fixed
#3075 Colloquy No Longer Works with SILC Defect 2.2 (Mac) Critical Duplicate
#1666 Colloquy PM Malfunction timothy Defect 2.2 (Mac) Critical Works for Me
#530 Crash when joining existing SILC channel on Intel Mac timothy Defect 2.2 (Mac) Major Fixed
#1489 No private chat with silc-channel possible timothy Defect 2.2 (Mac) Critical Duplicate
#22 Reconnects after manually disconnecting from SILC pat Defect 2.0 (Mac) Minor Fixed
#1366 SILC can not send privmsg to non-channels (ie, can't send to users) Defect 2.2 (Mac) Critical Fixed
#95 SILC ciphers/pkcs/hash/hmac not registered pat Defect 2.0 (Mac) Normal Fixed
#1365 SILC disconnects after connecting to a server (2.2.1) Defect 2.2 (Mac) Blocker Fixed
#1707 SILC functionality in private chat no longer works timothy Defect 2.2 (Mac) Minor Fixed
#457 silc connections do not automatically reconnect on wake from sleep patw Defect 2.2 (Mac) Minor Fixed

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Ticket Summary Owner Type Version Severity Resolution
#1255 Add ability to sign messages, verify signed messages Enhancement Normal
#993 No way to set channel private key for silc Defect 2.1 (Mac) Blocker
#1466 Random disconnects from SILC; without visible indication; multiple times a day Defect 2.2 (Mac) Critical
#3981 SILC broken on 10.8.4; won't connect Defect 2.4 (Mac) Blocker
#1825 Upgrade to MAC OS X 10.6 Defect 2.3 (Mac) Normal
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